Marketing Report- How to run a successful Marketing Campaign.

By Mollie Campbell.

The Aim:

The aim was to run a successful Marketing campaign for Summer Live. Initially I researched into Marketing techniques and how to run a successful marketing campaign.

The Research:

I researched Marketing Techniques, marketing is basically the promotion of services, a product or an event, it includes market research and advertising. Market research can include primary (the use of surveys, interviews or questionnaires), and secondary (internal records or data from previous events). I had a meeting with Rich the designer of the summer live poser, we discussed ways in which the flyer could stand out more and advertise thoroughly for the event. I also interviewed the organiser of summer live and a colleague from a business for my research, asking them questions about the marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion).

A representative from Summer Live gave insight into how they market for the event and what works and what doesn’t. This was very helpful to the marketing campaign because it gave us tips on what to do and what not to do, and how to optimise its potential for success. Whereas a colleague from Absolute Music gave me details on how marketing differs between an event and a company. He said how they went about marketing, what worked and what didn’t. This gave me helpful information on how marketing campaigns work in different areas.

The Marketing Mix:

As I mentioned before the marketing mix is Product, Place, Price, Promotion. The marketing mix is vital in planning a marketing strategy as it covers all the areas you need to consider when marketing for an event or business.

Item of Publicity:

For the marketing campaign for Summer Live I created a publicity item, used as merchandise in which to promote the event. I designed Summer Live branded sunglasses, which are blue and yellow to fit with the Summer Live logo, the actual vibe of the event and the colours of Bournemouth itself. These help with the overall marketing campaign due to the fact that they can be used as promotion, and will be seen around the town during the event. The item of publicity contributed well to the campaign.

Feedback form: These questions can be used to determine what went well during the marketing campaign as well as the event itself, and what could have gone better, it gives the chance for the event goers to give honest feedback.

Do you think the event was successful?

Would you go again next year?

Is there anything that stood out, any highlights?

Is there anything that you think should be done differently next time?

Did you enjoy the event?

Did you think it was appropriate for the demographic of families?

How did you find out about the events?

Did you see any of the Summer Live branded sunglasses and did they make you come down to the event?

 There could also be different categories like feedback from different groups e.g. 16-21, 22-40, and 41+). Or different feedback of certain publicity items like the flyers or sunglasses.

Return on investment:

Return on Investment is the benefit to the investor resulting from an investment of some resource. The event itself had its most popular year this year, with the highest amount of footfall they’ve seen since the event started. Return on investment can sometimes be difficult to determine as it is hard to know exactly how many people saw advertisement, and promotion or publicity items before deciding to go the event, and if that was the thing to even make them decide to go anyway. One way to try and do that is by a Feedback Form. On the feedback form I have written, one of the questions is ‘Did you see any of the Summer Live branded sunglasses and did they make you come down to the event’ this gives the opportunity to try and find out how many people turned up because of seeing the publicity item.

Another way to try and determine the success on investment is the actual figures, the comparison between the turn out in previous years and the turnout this year. Also, if there are any items that can be bought at the event, you could compare how many were purchased this year compared to last year. Lastly, during recent years there has been a huge increase in the amount of feedback through Social Media. Facebook was a big factor in promoting the event and can also be used to determine Return of Investment and just how successful the event was. To do this you can look at many different Facebook comments either from people who went to the event or artists who performed. This way you get to analyse the reviews, decide what the successes and weaknesses are and use it in reference to the next event.

Successes and Weaknesses:

The successes and weaknesses can be determined through the ways I have already describes, either through feedback forms, word of mouth, return on investment and social media comments. You can also analyse successes and weaknesses through the marketing pitch and strategies you have already put together, for example by using the two week plan that I came up with before the event to use for marketing, you can decide what went well and what didn’t. If the campaign went to plan and the feedback was good, you can decide what the successes are and make sure to implement them during the next event. You can also spot any weaknesses and be sure to think of better ways of doing things next time.

Marketing Techniques

By Mollie Campbell.


Marketing Techniques:

I have been studying marketing and promotion and how they are used when planning an event, or when marketing for a business. I have researched marketing techniques used by Summer Live and Absolute Music.


What is marketing?

Marketing is the techniques used to promote and advertise products or services, this can include market research. Market research is the process of gathering information which can be useful in either figuring out how a business successfully sells their products, or it is used by a business in order to obtain consumer needs, product markets, product feedback and demographic information.


Market research includes primary (the use of surveys, interviews or questionnaires). And secondary (e.g. internal records, or data from previous events). Market research also includes the understanding of the marketing mix, which is Product (analysis of event/production), price (costs, production budget etc.), Place (venue/location) and Promotion (forms of publicity/distribution methods).


I chose Summer Live as one of my companies to research in terms of marketing. I researched the actual event and interviewed one of the organisers. I organised my questions into categories about Product, Price, Place and Promotion and used the responses to help with the creation of my own Marketing campaign.


Product questions: What is Summer Live and what does it have to offer? Why do you think it is successful?

Price questions: What is your budget and where abouts do you decide to distribute it? Why is it free?

Place questions: Is there anything that hasn’t worked well due to the location, or in general?

Promotion questions: How do you go about marketing for an event like this one? Are there any restrictions due to there being more of a general target audience as opposed to specific ones? Do you use merchandise at all? Where do you advertise? Do you have any internal record, or any form of feedback at all?

The second company I chose is Absolute Music. Absolute Music is a Music store located in Bournemouth which sells music equipment, instruments and has rehearsal rooms etc… I interviewed one of the colleagues at Absolute Music.


Product questions: Do you have any store merchandising?

Price: How do you structure your prices?

Place: How do you advertise and where?

Promotion: How do you market for events at Absolute Music? Are there any marketing restrictions? Do you have any internal records, or feedback system? Do you distribute flyers and posters etc?


After analysing both companies, I have learnt how they market their products/events, why their techniques are successful and what techniques they need to work on. I have also discovered the differences between marketing for a business, and marketing for an event.


Press Release – example

World Class product and demonstration comes to Bournemouth.

By Mollie Campbell.


Have you just finished your GCSE’s? Do you want to study music and begin your venture into the music business? Interested in World Class products and DJ skills?


Worldwide electronic manufacturer ‘Akai’ are bringing their new MPC Live product to Bournemouth, and you can be one of the first to watch a live demonstration of the brand new product. The new product has futuristic and top of the range features, and with a professional DJ demonstration, it won’t be something you’ll want to miss. Be a part of this free and exciting opportunity by coming down to the next BAMM open day at Absolute Music in Wallisdown, Bournemouth on Saturday 19th August.


Open from 10am-4pm, there will be plenty of time to have a look around the Bournemouth Academy of Modern Music, located in the Absolute Music store. You can look into the many different BTEC courses the college has to offer, ranging from Performance, Production, Songwriting and DJ skills (Brand new for 2017). The course is equivalent to 3 A-levels and is perfect for 16 year olds who want to gain a qualification whilst doing something that they love.


Absolute music is an award winning superstore that provides excellent opportunities for BAMM students, with unlimited access to multiple master classes from global brands such as Orange Amplifiers, Marshall and Mapex Drums etc., it really is the place to be for local musicians looking to begin their venture into the music industry. The partnership also gives students access to several rehearsal rooms which can be used for free, and allows students to surround themselves with experts from the industry. As well as rehearsal rooms, there are studios for recording, special events designed to help and enrich young musicians experiences and knowledge, and an onsite cafe (prices of which are subsidised for students).


BAMM is the perfect place for aspiring musicians, songwriters, producers and DJ’s, providing a direct link to the music business, and giving students a great support network in every aspect across music. Learn more about every exciting opportunity BAMM has to offer by joining us on Saturday 19th August at Absolute music. The event is free, and there is no need to book. For further information contact Absolute Music at 01202 597180.









Gig Review- Bournemouth

Canvas gig- Review

By Mollie Campbell.

On Wednesday 13th June, young musicians from the Bournemouth Academy of Modern Music took to the stage to showcase their end of year gig in front of family, friends and industry VIP’s. As the bands filled the room with sounds old and new, it was difficult to not feel inspired. From the moment the up and coming talent of Bournemouth took to the spotlight, it was foreshadowing a very impressive night of live music to come.

The opening bands included first year students of the academy, and whilst ordinarily you might expect them to not have developed a ‘professional’ way of performing yet, this was not the case on Wednesday night as they graced the stage with confidence and a refreshing sense of familiarity. The second year 2 band to play featured very impressive musicianship, a level of expertise you might not expect from young adults, the vocals matched that of a seasoned musician, only adding to the excellence of the showcase. The splurge of funk sounds filled up the intimate venue with infectious energy and an accomplished level of skill. Whilst some speech extracts can feel forced and cliché in a music venue, these guys delivered their audience interaction with conviction and a sense of boldness that even some professional musicians find hard to muster. The audience response was energetic to say the least, especially for such a small venue. Breaking into a Bill Withers cover was an audacious move for a student – assembled band, yet it paid off, coming across as an undeniable parallel with the original, a feat hard to achieve. Whilst the replication was special, the musical interpretation was brimming with artistic flair and intuition, achieving a powerful measure of competence.

An unexpected interjection was the inclusion of BAMM principal Martin Bradford on saxophone, which not only contributed to this sense of unity from the small music college, but it also portrayed the inclusion of music role models who don’t shy away from music performance themselves,  something for students look up to and learn from. Next was an old school-infused band who opened their set with a soft-rock 70’s classic, Hotel California by The Eagles was never going to be an easy song to cover but they pulled it off. Musically very impressive, the sounds flowed throughout the venue, provoking a mystical sense of nostalgia. Specific praise should be directed towards the guitarist in this band, who provided an immaculate replication of Don Felder’s timeless sound. This audience focused band finished their set with a Guns ‘N’ Roses classic (Paradise City), encapsulating their hard-rock driven, glam-rock attempt in this post-glam modern world.

The passion surrounding the tutors and students of BAMM is evident from the moment you walked into the venue, and when onstage this passion manifests into pure energy, making it nearly impossible to look away. Their infectious sounds and an undeniable hunger for success ensured that the audience was experiencing a glimpse of the future of music, and based off this gig, a future that will hardly disappoint.