‘Our friend Elizabeth’     

– Written by Mollie M Elizabeth Campbell 09/09/2022 Born into arms of royalty, on that late April day, though the golden throne was not in sight, destiny rooted itself in the wings, awaiting a stage where lights would shine bright. Smiling warmly, small Lilibet grew, into a princess so grand, deep down everybody knew. With…

As Bob Dylan turns 80, let us celebrate his life, music, and invigorating artistic integrity that has defined his career and inspired the minds of multiple generations.

By Mollie Campbell Yesterday, on May 24th, Bob Dylan turned 80 years old, and I thought it only fitting to publish an article celebrating his life, music, artistry and the relentless presence he has sown into the fabric of popular culture over the last 60 years.  He is one of my favourite musicians, and has…

Learning to live with the shadow of grief.

You will start to feel light once more, you will see the vibrant colours painted in each day, you will hear laughter again, you will find joy in things as you did before, within the calming stillness of a tranquil morning, the suspended glide of a bird in flight, or in the sun as it…

The Wilds – Season 1 Review

The Wilds is a surprisingly necessary, impactful and emotionally-complex journey that gracefully bobs along waves as deep as the waters that surround them.


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