‘Our friend Elizabeth’     

– Written by Mollie M Elizabeth Campbell 09/09/2022

Born into arms of royalty, on that late April day, though the golden throne was not in sight, destiny rooted itself in the wings, awaiting a stage where lights would shine bright.

Smiling warmly, small Lilibet grew, into a princess so grand, deep down everybody knew. With a wave of her hand, vibrancy to her face, dazzling blues eyes and an undeniable grace.

Fate shifted its course, as new stars aligned, now it was time for her father to reign, All Hail King George! Greatness Britain would retain.

Then came the profound loss, her beloved father had gone, now it was she, who would pledge herself to the cross. Promising to serve us, for as long as she may live, a legacy beyond measure, everything she could give.

Her reign covered decades, of love and peace, war and hate, though we didn’t always see her, we knew she was always waiting, behind those great gates.

Walking with a corgi or two, her prince by her side, she grew into legend, as seven decades went by. A beacon of hope, perseverance and pride, opening her arms to people far and wide.

For though her job was mighty, at her core would remain, a fiery glow of courage, burning an eternal flame. And as she shook the hands of people she didn’t know, she looked into their faces, and respect her eyes would show. It is due to this warmth and comfort we got to know, that nobody expected her days to ever slow.

She fulfilled her duties, until the very end, in the place that brought her peace, our strength to her we lend. And as she moved on, into the next realm, on us she could depend. For then we felt blessed, as we fondly remembered, that every single one of us, had the honour of calling her a friend.

Rest in Peace, Your Majesty.

  • Copyright Mollie M Elizabeth Campbell   (Aged 24, from Ringwood, Hampshire)

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