Sky One’s ‘Curfew’ – TV review

By Mollie Campbell

Current episode count: 3

Airs: Every Friday at 9pm

Channel: Sky One (UK)

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Action, Horror

Cast: Adam Brody, Sean Bean, Billy Zane


Curfew is set in the United Kingdom, in a not so distant future, in a world that is growing familiar with the concept of a widespread virus slowly wiping out the population, essentially;  Zombies. The British government introduce a curfew in which anyone caught out between 7pm to 7am will be put into quarantine, an attempt to contain the virus and protect the population. The show is centred around many different characters who are brought together to compete in the same competition, an illegal, 1000km street race in which the prize comes in the form of a better life, protection, sanctuary.

This is an interesting and encapsulating show that is hard to stop watching, it is a classic ‘in the middle of the action’ show in which the reasoning and development up to this point is explained in the form of flashbacks throughout. This prevents it from turning stale, whilst still providing us with vital information about the character’s lives and the history behind the events that are unfolding in front of us. The characters are all complete opposites but they are united by their fight for freedom, anything is better than the world they currently find themselves in.  Just when you think that TV has exhausted every possibility in the zombie apocalypse genre, this show comes along, same old, yet riveting, action packed and quirky, and a much needed British version of a catastrophic dystopian future.

There is a strong use of characterisation straight away, in just 3 episodes there has been barely any time for character development yet these personalities have been clear from the start. We instantly understand the characters, what makes them different, what unties them, how they react in different situations. To have already developed such bold and relatable characters in such a short space of time is why this show is so good, it contains many different qualities and is action packed but never excessive. There is also a scarily realistic vibe to it, as we as a society (apart from the zombies) really aren’t that far off from a world like this one, the dystopian future we’ve always been catapulted into through different media outlets, could be a reality far sooner than we think.

This show is a Futuristic, apocalyptic, dystopian, crazy, quirky, fight to the death game of Mario kart in which the characters are pawns in a science fiction video game, with a kickass soundtrack. I look forward to seeing how this show unfolds over its first season, tagging along for the ride with these eccentric characters and the risks they are willing to take in order to survive.

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